Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the modern practice of ancient healing techniques from China, whose tradition began over 3000 years ago. TCM owes its foundation to four modalities which comprise a holistic medical system: acupuncture, dietary therapy, qi gong and Chinese herbal medicine.

TCM views the body as one interconnected unit that is always trying to maintain a sense of balance or harmony. Illness occurs when the body is out of balance. TCM seeks to restore balance to the body through movement of energy or qi through the body's 12 meridians or energy channels. This can be accomplished through the use of acupuncture via the insertion of very thin needles into specific acupuncture points on the body; Chinese herbs that are taken internally or applied topically; qi gong meditative exercises; and dietary and lifestyle changes.

Health Impact

TCM is a holistic medical system that when practiced regularly, has a preventative effect on the body. While it is often used when someone is ill, the goal of TCM is to keep the body in a state of balance. A TCM practitioner will treat your current symptoms, while focusing on the root of the internal problem. The effect is a holistic treatment system that offers long lasting results.

TCM and Beauty

One component of TCM is known as Chinese Medicine Cosmetology, or Mei Rong. It was originally devised as an anti-aging system for members of the Emperor's court. Drawing upon acupuncture techniques and the internal use and external application of Chinese herbs, Mei Rong sought to keep a patient's skin looking young and flawless, like fine porcelain. At Shē Essential Beauty we use these same concepts in our products to promote beauty from the inside out.